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During 2016 Filmosaurus Rex has coproduced an animated feature film “The Oddsockeaters” (“Lichožrouti” in Czech language), about small, invisible creatures who live among us and who steal our socks, based on the children’s novel by a well-known Czech writer Pavel Šrut and directed by Galina Miklinová. The film is produced by the two-time Oscar nominated Czech producer/director Ondřej Trojan and co-produced by Slovak film company PubRes, represented by Lubica Orechovska and Zuzana Mistríková. Filmosaurus Rex acted as the Croatian coproduction partner, securing most of the funds from the Croatian Audiovisual Center and with Arsen A. Ostojić having the title of the coproducer and Hrvoje Vajić as the associate producer. A well-known Croatian composer Mate Matišić has composed the music for the film. “The Oddsockeaters” premiered in theaters Czech Republic on the 20th of October 2016, and had the most successful opening for a Czech animated feature film in the history of Czech cinema, with 76.527 admissions over the weekend. Eventually, the film became the largest grossing Czech animated feature film in the history od Czech cinema, with more than 320.000 admissions. Slovak premiere is expected in January 2017, and the Croatian one sometime during the second half of 2017.

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