The Hum of the Bees

Log line:

The peaceful life of a famous British poet living on a beautiful Mediterranean island gets disturbed when his activist daughter brings a pregnant, raped and traumatized Syrian refugee to his villa.

Short Description:

Paradise is lost and regained on a small island when a child born of rape becomes the catalyst for change.

The peaceful self-involved life of a famous expatriate British poet living in an isolated villa on a beautiful Mediterranean island is disrupted beyond repair when his estranged, activist daughter brings a pregnant, raped and suicidal Syrian refugee who is about to give birth to a child she will want to kill.

Surrounding the poet, his daughter and the pregnant war victim, are two characters with magical impact: a half-mad, semi-clairvoyant beekeeper, the poet’s older sister, who becomes a healer, and a young, absurdly beautiful and androgynous journalist who like a Bacchic god of wine and drama works spells of destructive ecstasy.

The Hum of the Bees – more than a story of the Syrian conflict – is a story of the tragic inadequacy of the West. However, just as important, it is also the story of how individual acts of kindness, bravery and generosity can and do make a difference in the lives of individual victims of genocide. The characters, each in their own way, stand against the general refusal of the West to know and to act. Each of these characters has a tragic flaw, but each is also exemplary.