Log line:

Two girls working at a cheap travelling carnival stationed by a small provincial town start a sexual affair unaware that a psychotic killer who kills young girls with long hair is actually one of the boys they know well.

Short Description:

Lolie and Maxine run the rides and sell tickets at a cheap travelling carnival currently stationed in the middle of nowhere. Since there isn’t much to do at the carnival after it closes every night, the two girls start a sincere love affair constantly arguing with their fellow coworker Harley, a redneck, who has a crush on both of them. However, there is another case of a dead young girl found at the carnival, raped and strangled with her own long hair. The police is at loss, unable to find any clues that would lead them to the killer, while fear slowly spreads among the workers and visitors.

Lolie and Maxine try to disassociate themselves from the carnival as much as they can, running away at night and spending time together, drinking at a local pub or swimming naked in a nearby lake. An additional problem seems to be Madame Mimi, the carnival owner, a strange woman in her late forties, who forbids Maxine to see Lolie and tries to play down the danger at the carnival, afraid of losing customers.

We see that the killer strikes again, now realizing the killer is Harley. He lured a naive young girl with long hair to his trailer, cut her hair and strangled her with it. After he manages to hide the body, he now goes after unsuspecting Lolie and Maxine, driven by blind passion and madness. The girls’ lives are in danger, far from anyone who can help them.

However, the thrilling and brutal ending has unexpected twists, proving that nothing seems to be what we assumed throughout the film.