Posted on 25.10.2017. by Hrvoje

In the beginning of October the Creative Europe/MEDIA program of the EU has announced its decision for Spring 2017 funding proposal for Development of Single Projects. The project “Crystal Raiders” has received 60.000 Euros, the largerst amount ever awarded to a Croatian single project. The proejct has received 92 points and the threshold had been set to 88,5 points for Animation projects. Out of 359 eligible projects, 77 have been selected for funding. “Crystal Raiders” is an amazing science-fiction animated project for children conceived by the late Oscar-winner Dušan Vukotić about an orphan baby dinosaur Burgy who leaves his underground home and surfaces to the outside world, only to be found by two children who desperately try to save him from greedy circus owner and an unscrupulous animal dealer. The entire story takes place on a distant planet, recently colonized by humans and besides enforcing strong bonds between children and parents, the film deals with ecological issues as well. The screenwriters are Aleksandar Žiljak and Dušan Vukotić, based on the story by Dušan Vukotić. The film will be directed by Arsen Anton Ostojić and produced by FILMOSAURUS REX d.o.o.

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